Faults reported in fighter jets

TV 4’s news programme Nyheterna reports that a problem with the anti-gravity suits used by JAS Gripen fighter pilots has led the Swedish Armed Forces to impose a limit on the altitude at which the jets may fly, and the speed at which turns may be made. The military has apparently been aware of the problem for five years.

Moreover, the displays for the navigation and radar systems occasionally shut down, sometimes simultaneously.

TV 4 also reports that at the F17 base in Rönneby the JAS Gripen instrument landing system (ILS) has frozen from time to time over the past three years.

“It seems as though the air base and the ILS are not as compatible as we would wish,” comments Robert Persson, head of flight safety at the Armed Forces.

Gripen fighter jets are the first to respond in the event of an incident in the Baltic region, and Allan Widman, Liberal chairman of the Standing Committee on Defence, is now calling on the Armed Forces to inform MPs of the situation.

“It is especially important in the security situation in which we find ourselves at this time,” he says.

Saab, the maker of the JAS Gripen, does not wish to comment the reports at present.