Three lost years for welfare

In Dagens Industri today, in response to the government’s presentation of the Reepalu welfare inquiry yesterday, Håkan Tenelius, from the Association of Private Care Providers (Vårdföretagarna), writes, “Many thought that a solid inquiry would be able to present proposals that secured quality as well as freedom of choice and diversity. However instead it brought macabre, theoretical calculation models which no minister with self esteem can present to parliament.”

He writes, in the reference group, “it was clear… that the inquiry has not had any ambition to constructively contribute to the development of quality in welfare” and is doubtful of the quality measurements currently used. “The Reepalu inquiry’s answer is three lost years for welfare.”

He urges the alliance to take the initiative and the majority in the Riksdag must do what it can to bring about a process for authorisation for all welfare providers.

CEO sees threat to welfare

Thomas von Koch, CEO of private equity firm EQT, with holdings in several welfare companies (ed.), forecasts turbulent times ahead, should the government realise plans to limit profits in the welfare sector to 10%.

The CEO, who believes the government is also planning to stop freedom of choice in health care and education, calls on Stefan Löfven to be honest with people. “Swedes want to ban profit taking in welfare but they want freedom of choice; you can’t have both,” he points out.

He is adamant that EQT will adapt, if the government goes ahead with its plans, and will invest in education and health care in Germany, Norway, the US and China instead.