State giant raises alarm

The state owned airport company Swedavia has warned against the proposal to introduce an aviation tax, stressing the negative impact it will have. The company, which owns and runs ten airports including Arlanda and Landvetter, believes the proposal should not be implemented.

CEO Jonas Abrahamsson says, “The tax is being motivated by climate reasons however the state investigation shows that it leads to very limited climate benefits and that the total carbon dioxide emissions could in fact increase.” At the same time the tax would have very serious consequences for Sweden’s competitiveness.

Abrahamsson says the airlines have been clear that they may be forced to close existing routes and it would be harder to attract international airlines to establish new routes.

At the same time Swedavia’s airports broke passenger volume records last year after an increase of 5% to 39.5 million.

Swedavia invests in office space

Hoping to attract more airlines to the region, airport operator Swedavia is to invest more than half a billion kronor in new office premises at Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport. A total of 15,600 square metres of office space will be available from 2017-2018.

Some SKr 123 billion will be invested in Arlanda in the coming years. Approximately 22,000 people already work in and around Arlanda and the airport creates more than 1,000 jobs annually.

With Stockholm predicted to be one of the fastest-growing capitals in Europe, investment must be made to ensure that Arlanda grows as an airport, Swedavia CEO Torborg Chetkovich says.