OECD: Widening gap

In a new report, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) finds that the Swedish labour market functions better than most others. However, the job security gap is widening between permanent employees and fixed-term employees, which is why the organisation recommends that Sweden relax its employment laws.

The OECD also recommends that Sweden invest in more training for the least skilled, and ensure that unemployment insurance is designed to cover all workers.

New report on Sweden’s job matching challenge

The OECD is to launch a new in-depth report on Sweden’s future skills requirements and the fact that many companies seeking to recruit find it hard to match sufficiently skilled people to the jobs available. Currently firms are finding it particularly hard to recruit skilled people to fill vacancies within the IT, specialist nursing and plumbing sectors.

Moreover, a new Nordic research report shows that nearly four in ten Swedish employees consider that they need more training in order to manage their current jobs. The report also shows that Swedish employers are the worst among their Nordic colleagues when it comes to paying for employees’ further training. The Swedish government, which is co-funding the OECD report, hopes that all involved players will “become more receptive to continually changing skills’ needs”.