Concerns about undermining monopoly

Backed by the Sweden Democrats and the other centre-right alliance parties, local Liberal politicians in Skåne have proposed to the government that wine producers in the region should be allowed to sell their produce at their vineyards for a trial period of three years.

Green politician Anders Åkesson opposes the idea, saying it would undermine Systembolaget’s monopoly. Two government inquiries have already concluded that such an initiative would put the state monopoly at risk

“Bank ID creates a monopoly”

A conflict between payment service Klarna and the company Finansiell ID Teknik has broken out after the company forced Klarna to close down parts of a new app. Rules around the electronic identification BankID state that users cannot use other log in methods while using BankID.

Klarna considers BankID to be a good service but that its rules are problematic. “Above all they affect the user experience negatively but also because in practice it creates a monopoly for secure log ins,” says Jesper Wigardt, press officer at Klarna.