Kristersson accuses government of waste

On Wednesday, the Ministry of Finance revised upwards its forecast for growth to between 2 and 2.5% up until 2020. Net lending has been revised up to SKr 85 billion, and the unemployment rate is expected to be 6.3% in 2018.

The figures show there are major differences between various groups: the native-born unemployment rate is under 4% while the foreign-born employment rate is almost 14%.

Ulf Kristersson, the Moderates’ spokesman on economic policy, accuses the government of wasting the boom in the economy, and calls for long-term reform linked to jobs, integration and the housing market.

The government has said that the number of children and older people in Sweden will increase significantly and forecasts that investment in public welfare services will need to increase by SKr 40 billion by 2025.

Kristersson shares this view, but is critical of government claims that there is no scope for tax cuts, saying this is “qualified nonsense”.