Prosecutor ends inquiry

Prosecutor Alf Johansson has decided to end the inquiry into elk hunting trips organised by paper making giant Holmen. Anders Borg, the former finance minister, investor Fredrik Lundberg and Pär Boman, chairman of Handelsbanken, were among those questioned by prosecutors investigating allegations of bribery connected to the hunting trips.

Anders Borg expressed relief after the prosecutor ended the inquiry, saying: “I have been certain all along that I acted correctly, but it is still a huge relief that the process has come to an end”.

According to Holmen CEO Henrik Sjölund, the company intends to continue with its hunting trips.

Controversial Uber under the microscope


The government is planning to launch an inquiry into the taxi industry, clearly setting its sights on Uber and its taxi services. Infrastructure Minister Anna Johansson is admittedly wary of pointing out Uber, but the inquiry has been initiated because of the problem with “taxis’ with carpooling options”.

Anna Johansson admits that no other company offers such options in Sweden at the moment, but says: “This is not about making life difficult for a particular company. It’s about ensuring that we have a fair and well-run taxi industry”.