22 years needed to save for property in Stockholm

A new report from Mäklarhuset shows that the difference in how many years it takes to save up for a deposit for a house depends on the city and profession, reports SvD. The report shows that it takes the longest time in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Uppsala. For an auxiliary nurse in Stockholm it takes 22 years to save up the deposit.

Erik Wikander, CEO of Mäklarhuset, says that it is time for politicians to add stimulus to the threats. “When there is no functioning housing market and a balance between owned and rented property, it creates a pressurised situation for young people. The regulations that have been brought in over the past five years have focused on limiting debt. However there needs also to be stimulus so that the entire housing market is used,” says Erik Wikander.

Construction companies issue warning

The gap to achieve the construction target is much bigger in reality than what has been highlighted in the debate, according to Lennart Weiss, commercial director of the construction company Veidekke.

According to (Boverket) 700,000 properties are needed by 2025. Last week Prime Minister Stefan Löfven said that the forecast of construction per year is 53,000 houses leaving only 17,000 until 70,000 are built per year.

However Weiss says the government is focusing on properties in which construction has been started, not finished. “The forecast for 2016 is around 40,000 houses and that is when capacity in the construction industry is at top… Furthermore construction is expected to go down again next year,” says Lennart Weiss.