Sweden must act constructively

At today’s Brussels summit leaders will discuss the UK’s calls for EU reform, note Moderate economic policy spokesman Ulf Kristersson and Moderate foreign policy spokeswoman Karin Enström in a DI debate piece this morning.

The number of EU citizens living in Britain has increased two-fold in the past decade, and PM David Cameron has proposed that EU immigrants will have to work in Britain for four years before they can claim benefits. The PM has also signalled that he will lead Britain out of the EU unless the proposal is accepted.

It is of vital interest to Sweden that Britain stays in the EU, which is why the Swedish government should now work to ensure that the British focus on important practical issues, instead of seeking treaty changes in the short-term. The Swedish government should also work to ensure that the right to freedom of movement in the EU does not undermine the right of all countries to design their own welfare policy, state the two Moderates.