Five areas for reform

Writing in Dagens Industri (DI) today, the economic spokespersons for the four Alliance parties, state that the economic boom cannot hide the structural problems and imbalances in the Swedish economy. The gaps between those who have work and those who are dependent on benefits are growing.

They consider there to be five areas in which the government is driving Sweden in the wrong direction, including with its fiscal and economic policy, which they write “risks leading to overheating and an unsustainable build-up of debt.”

The alliance’s joint view on economic policy is that it should be more focused and more austere than the government is presenting. “Over the next three years, we therefore want to increase savings and paying off state debt by SEK 10 billion per year, compared to the government.”

Audit Office warns government

The government may well be underestimating the difficulties of finding jobs for refugees, which in turn could hurt economic policy, warns the Swedish National Audit Office (Riksrevisionen) in a new report.

The Audit Office also notes that since 2002 Swedish governments have constantly postponed the time point at which the budget surplus target is to be achieved. Just two of the last 15 budgets have been restrictive. There should have been more, if governments were serious about attaining the target, find the authors of the report.