Crackdown on estate agents

The Swedish Consumer Agency (Konsumentverket) and the government want to put more pressure on estate agents. From a consumer perspective, the estate agent market is one of the ten most problematic markets, according to a new report by Konsumentverket. “When we buy a property, it is often the biggest purchase we make and there are high risks associated with these kinds of purchases,” says Minister for Consumer Affairs Per Bolund.

Konsumentverket highlights problems such as excessively low prices being set to attract interest, lack of knowledge about the role of the estate agent and lack of independent advice. The agency wants to see a consumer agency for property purchases with personal, qualified and independent advice. The agency also wants a law or regulation that forces estate agents to state an “assessed market value” for the property.

Government crackdown on network operators

Vattenfall and Ellevio (formerly Fortum) have raised their electricity distribution network tariffs by 38 per cent between 2010 and 2016. Other network operator companies have raised them by an average 16 per cent during the period, according to the Swedish Homeowners Association.

Noting the extortionate increase, Ibrahim Baylan, the energy minister, has now charged the Energy Markets Inspectorate to see if prices need to be regulated.