Conflict could drag on

The conflict within the construction industry risks being a long one. Yesterday a total of 2,500 construction workers went out on strike, affecting at least four times as many workers, and employers reacted with a lock-out. At least 9,700, and up to 12,000, workers will be locked out of workplaces from 22 April, if no agreement is reached.

According to the Swedish Construction Federation (Sveriges Byggindustrier), construction companies are losing between SKr 100 and 200 million every day. The union, Byggnads wants a pay rise of 3.2% and the industry benchmark for pay rises to be set at 2.2%

State appointed negotiator Jan Sjölin, who has been helping the parties try to resolve the conflict, says the situation is in deadlock. “There will be no negotiations for the next few days,” he says.”