SSAB: highest emissions

SSAB, Stora Enso and SAS are the biggest climate culprits on the Stockholm stock market, according to a new survey by consultants South Pole Group.

Noel Morrin, sustainability manager at Stora Enso, says it features high on the list because it is more international than its Nordic competitors. The company plans to achieve almost zero emissions through investment and purchasing renewable electricity.

On the other hand manufacturer Atlas Copco performed well. An investment in the company produces a tenth of the emissions as an investment in ABB.

Shift in trend

In the 1990s and the early Noughties, many Swedish companies transferred production to low-wage countries, but with increasing automation, wages are no longer a decisive factor and there has been a recent movement towards insourcing and reshoring.

Conny Fridlund, head of product development at Atlas Copco, says no low-wage country can compete with an automated high-wage country, if the volumes are there. “If you have two million pieces and invest 20 million kronor in automation with 10-year depreciation, it just adds 1 kronor on the product”.