Duty-free Canada export hope

Both the government and business are hoping for a boost to exports to Canada as duties are waived on the world’s tenth largest economy. Despite protests the CETA agreement will be implemented in February and trade minister Ann Linde (S), says, “I believe that CETA will be a vitamin injection and a lift for Swedish exports to Canada, bringing both new jobs and more growth to Sweden.”

DI reports that exports to Canada fell by 23% between 2006 and 2015, something Ann Linde puts down to high duties and complicated procedures.

Industry pleased with new ministers

New housing minister Peter Eriksson is a welcome choice for the big construction companies. High on the industry’s list are increased flexibility, investment in infrastructure and more obligations for municipalities.

Construction company NCC’s CEO Peter Wågström says, “Having a politician who has experience from municipal level, the Riksdag and the EU is a positive thing. That’s how you know how to make things happen.” Skanska’s Deputy CEO Anders Danielsson also highlights Peter Eriksson’s experience in negotiating and as a municipal politician. “Many decisions affect the local level so that is important,” he says.

Similarly industry and unions are pleased Sweden now has an EU and trade minister, Ann Linde. Maria Rankka, CEO of Stockholm’s Chamber of Commerce is pleased that trade issues will be given a boost.