Skanska faces bribery scandal probe

Swedish construction company Skanska is under investigation for allegedly participating in a cartel and for paying bribes to Brazil’s state-run oil company Petrobras. According to Swedish Radio’s Ekot, Brazilian prosecutors will formally charge Skanska within the next month.

“Skanska’s employees have personally paid bribes to Petrobras senior managers,” Prosecutor Carlos Fernando dos Santos Lima told Ekot.

Evidence of Skanska’s involvement, including witness reports, telephone bugging and documents is said to be convincing.


Some 25 firms are so far suspected of being part of the cartel, and took it in turns to pay bribes to Petrobras executives.

One of the Petrobras senior managers is said to have told police investigators that he received millions of kronor in bribes from Skanska’s representative in Brazil.

Skanska’s senior management has previously denied any knowledge of the bribery scandal.