Two-front attack

One of the welfare sector’s heavyweights has attacked both the government and the alliance for the political handling of profits in welfare.

“This type of reform must have support in reality. We are talking about hundreds of thousands of children, thousands of health centres and elderly care homes. It is a very important part of the Swedish model,” says education giant AcadeMedia’s CEO Marcus Strömberg.

“Of course the government has the ultimate responsibility but I also think that the alliance parties have contributed to this polarisation,” he adds. He believes the threat of a vote of no confidence has damaged the climate for discussion and he defends compromising across the political divide.

He adds that one way of creating margins in the case of a profit cap on welfare would be to increase operating capital by buying school premises but “we do not want to be a property company. We are experts at education but since they have put forward the proposal we have to take a stance on how we go forward.”