Digitalisation challenging postal services

Much remains to be done before PostNord can win back public trust, says Enterprise Minister Mikael Damberg (S) in a comment to a fresh report on postal services in Sweden.

The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) has found that the number of complaints against PostNord and Bring Citymail has decreased since last year, but is still too high.

In the case of PostNord one of the problems is that the company has reduced the number of employees in a cost-cutting campaign, as more letters are sorted by machine. Longer postal rounds and the company organisation are also seen as contributory factors to the poor service.

Digitalisation is also challenging the postal services: the number of letters sent in Sweden has fallen since 2000, and PostNord has consequently lost market share. Bring Citymail’s problem is that the company has grown fast and not adapted its organisation to its increase in market share.

Sten Selander of PTS summarises, saying that when the quality of the postal service falls, more people go over to email.