Expert warns of corporate relocation

Under planned new international tax rules, or the so-called base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) project, corporate taxes should be paid in the country where the value is created. The OECD and G20 countries agreed on BEPS last year and now member countries and the EU are working to implement the rules into national legislation. On Tuesday the Swedish government presented its bill on the exchange of tax information.

Stafan Bohman, chair of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise’s tax delegation, now warns that there is a real risk that Swedish corporations will move parts of their business from Sweden to countries with low corporate taxes.

Meanwhile, Magdalena Andersson, the finance minister, says BEPS will generate more tax revenue for Sweden, but refuses to say how she has arrived at this conclusion.

Maria Malmer Stenergard, the Moderate spokeswoman on tax policy, says no other party shares Andersson’s belief, and accuses the government of sloppiness.